Riverdale, Edmonton



Hello To Everyone From The Community Of Riverdale.

As one of our directors is a native of Edmonton,
our efforts have recently been re-directed to the rapidly evolving and dynamic inner-city neighborhoods of Alberta’s capital.
Our recent acquisition of development sites includes the unique and special Tree Frog site in Riverdale. Although the property is currently zoned exclusively for commercial use,
we believe that the community would best be served with re-development of the site as a mixed use project which would include both commercial and residential components.

Although many options have been explored,
We believe the best use for the site and the one which will be most harmonious and beneficial to the community  would be a project involving 4 x work/live townhome style units.
Each unit will be composed of approximately 800sf of boutique commercial space on the main floor and an additional 1600sf of living space on the two floors above.

The commercial element will allow for the use of a broad range of professional services or possibly a diverse range of eclectic artistic studios.
In any event, the usage would promote  a “no commute” philosophy which limits the needs of a vehicle for its residents.
The nature of the light commercial usages will limit the amount of vehicle traffic coming into the area,
will not create bottleneck traffic at peak hours [such as a restaurant] and will not involve any late night traffic.

The residential component will consist of 1600sf of beautifully finished living space on two levels.
A separate, detached 4 car garage will border along the laneway with the addition
on a second level of an 800sf flex space that will be available for use for various community events.

Warm regards to all.
Shawn Burstyn
Director – Richmond Park Developments Ltd

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